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Day Time Special Promotion

Private 40 Lessons = SGD2,880

(Monday to Friday, Between 1215pm – 1730pm)

※ Terms & Conditions apply. Course duration is 3 months.

※ Price is not inclusive of Registration, Materials Fee and 7%GST.

※ Valid until 30th April 2019.

プライベート40 レッスン= SGD2,880


※ 有効期限:レッスン開始日から3ヶ月間厳守です。

※ 入学金,教材費、7GSTが別途かかります。

※ 申込締切:2019430

(11课程) 40节课 $2,880新币

(星期一 ~  星期五, 1215pm – 1730pm 之间)

※ 有效期限: 3个月

※ 教材费, 报名费, 7% 消费税(不含)

※ 报名截止日期: 2019年4月30日


Berlitz reserves the rights to amend pricing details without prior notice.

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