Relocation Training

Enable and maximize today’s mobile workforce to quickly adjust to new cultures and work environments by enhancing awareness and understanding of the underlying local customs and traditions that inform how people live and work in the host country.

Preparing you for life and work abroad

Anyone planning to live abroad for any length of time should be well prepared. From a statistical viewpoint, half of all people end their overseas deployment prematurely, despite being highly qualified professionally. The proven Berlitz Relocation Training programme prepares individuals and entire families for life in their new country. With certified country specialists, you will cover important topics such as dealing with authorities, business partners, friends and acquaintances. This training is provided in English, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, French, German or a language of your choice.

Understand your cultural preferences

Workshops Content
  • Preliminary needs analysis and reflection on your own cultural imprint
  • On request: an online intercultural assessment with the Cultural Orientations Indicator ® (C.O.I.)
  • Country information: economics, politics, religion and society
  • Establishing contacts and survival strategies for everyday life and work
  • Tips for management, teamwork, negotiations and conflict management
  • Depending on aims, business or private focus

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