The Spanish language is the 4th most commonly spoken language in the world – 414 million speakers – ranking close after Mandarin, English and Hindi. Spanish is spoken in many Latin American countries and is the recognized as the official language in 21 countries including Mexico, Spain, Columbia, Argentina and Peru. It is also the most studied second language in the United States.

Strong Population & Economic Growth

In addition, the Spanish-speaking population has been experiencing strong population growth. In the US alone, 40% of the population growth is attributed to the Hispanic people, and the growth rate of the Hispanic people in the near future is set to increase further.

Not only is the Spanish population growing, there is a lot of economic growth potential in Spanish-speaking economies, given their vast access to untapped resources. Compared with other conventional European languages such as French or German, Spanish has been touted as one of the “next generation” languages to invest in.

Spanish Language Schools in Singapore 

When selecting which Spanish language school in Singapore to enrol in, consider not only if your language needs will be met, but more importantly, consider how those language needs will be met. How your needs are identified, for example, shouldn’t just be a rudimentary “read and speak” distinction but should also take into account your specific needs and training gaps. Check out our Berlitz learning cycle to find out more.

Assess Candidates’ Proficiency Objectively

Having worked with many HR managers and executives, we know that a common problem HR managers and executives in multi-lingual corporations face is how to objectively assess a potential candidate’s language proficiency.

Our solutions: the Berlitz Online Proficiency Tests (BOPT)

BOPT was specially designed to assess an individual’s language proficiency (listening and reading skills). It is a 90-minute test that can be taken at a Berlitz Language Center, or, for your convenience, can be arranged to be taken at your site. Results for the BOPT are immediate.

The BOPT is available in EnglishGerman, Spanish, Italian and French.

Berlitz Rater

To assess the oral proficiency of individuals, there is the Berlitz Rater – it can assess the oral proficiency in the areas of fluency, grammatical accuracy, linguistic range and phonological control of individuals in the context of a workplace environment.

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