Mandarin is the language of choice in mainland China, and many Chinese-communities found all over the world. Mandarin is spoken by 848 million people as their first language, and by another 178 million as a second language, making it the current most widely spoken language in the world. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

Growing Prominence

As the world’s second largest economy in the world, China’s growing prominence and economic prosperity has fuelled enormous enthusiasm around the world towards learning Mandarin. Many people take up Mandarin to increase their opportunities to find business or work in China and/or with Chinese companies.

Learning Mandarin in Singapore

Singapore has a bilingual education policy, and Mandarin is one of the three languages taught as a second language to all students studying in Singapore. Hence, there is no shortage of Mandarin lessons and Mandarin Language schools in Singapore where you can learn Mandarin. Many of these Mandarin Language schools act as enrichment centres for students, following the national curriculum closely.

Berlitz Total Immersion in Mandarin

Introducing the programme: our fastest and most intense language learning solution. Our program is customized according to your needs and is designed to teach business professionals to communicate in most business and social setting in as little as 1-3 weeks.

The Berlitz Action Module role simulates realistic business and social situations that are designed to match your unique learning style and goals, and is taught by certified coaches. For example, you get to lunch with your coach every day to practice your language school in a social setting!

What also makes the Berlitz Total Immersion programme special is the Daily Berlitz Power Review sessions: daily reviews make for precision in your learning by cutting out what you do not need and focusing only on what works for you.

The Berlitz Total Immersion is also available in 52 languages at Berlitz.

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