Learn Japanese In Singapore

Many people are fascinated with the Japanese culture, with particularly strong followings in anime, video gaming, food and fashion. These followings brought about a great deal of interest to learn Japanese as a second language. To date, there are some 125 million Japanese speakers in the world.

Advantageous to Learn Japanese

Whether you are seeking to work or study or live in Japan, or to work in a Japanese-speaking organization or to find business opportunities with Japanese counterparts, learning Japanese will turn out advantageous for you. The Japanese economy is world’s third largest GDP, accounting for 9.6% of the world’s GDP. Well-known for its advances particularly in the area of technology, learning Japanese will put you ahead of others.

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Learning Japanese in Singapore with Berlitz

The written form of the Japanese language is unique and requires some practice. Hence, finding a suitable Japanese Language School that can not only deliver but also monitor your progress is vital in gaining a proficiency in both reading and speaking Japanese.

To ensure consistent delivery of the Berlitz Method® to our students, the Berlitz learning cycle was developed as a quality assurance process. We wanted to be certain that each of our students will reach the targeted proficient level of learning as defined by his or her needs analysis. Berlitz uses standardized proficiency levels in order to assess a student’s current language ability level (also known as needs analysis), before a course for the amount of training needed is recommended. Students are given the opportunity to meet instructors and receive program materials, including a road map on how the program will work for them. A student’s progress is measured and monitored throughout the program through formal progress reports and counselling sessions.

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