There are about 100 million native German speakers in the world today, with high concentrations in West Europe: Germany, Austria and the German-speaking sections of Switzerland, Holland and Sweden. There are also populations of German-speakers outside Europe, for example, in the US and Brazil. Recognized as one of the six official EU languages, Germany is also the largest and strongest economy in the EU. Some of the best-known global brands are headquartered in Germany: think Mercedes Benz, BMW, Bayer, Miele, Daimler, Bosch, Hugo Boss, and Volkswagen, just to name a few.

Gaining access to technical German knowledge

Germans by nature prefer to be monolingual, and the second language for many Germans tend to be another European language such as French or Spanish. English, although spoken and learned, is not as extensively used as in other European countries such as Russia or Switzerland. Hence, a lot of German-inspired knowledge remains written in German – engineers and technicians will attest to how many technical manuals and specifications continue to be written and published in German. Learning the language will grant you access to a vast range of technical knowledge.

Learning German in Singapore

In Singapore, there are a number of established institutions where you can pursue a German course. Some schools specialize in the teaching of one language and focus purely on the language, while other language schools specialize in the teaching of many languages and tend to focus on the delivery and monitoring of students for effective learning. Each has its own advantages. At Berlitz, we have native speaking instructors who deliver language classes in a fun and engaging way, ensuring our students reach their learning objectives.

At Berlitz, you can choose to have one-on-one individual classes or in a small group setting for you to gain more practice in conversational German. All Berlitz students learn to speak this new language the way they did their first — through natural conversation.

Berlitz Online Proficiency Tests (BOPT)

Should you wish to evidence your level of proficiency in the German language in an objective, non-refutable way, we recommend the Berlitz Online Proficiency Tests (BOPT). This comes in particularly useful when applying for translation jobs, or jobs that require you to have a certified proficiency in German. The BOPT were specially designed to assess an individual’s language proficiency (listening and reading skills). It is a 90-minute test that can be taken at a Berlitz Language Center, or, for your convenience, can be arranged to be taken at your site. An advantage of the BOPT is that the results are immediate – no long waits and hassles. BOPT is recognized by many companies.

The BOPT is available in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French.

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