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Berlitz has been educating the world for 140 years.

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Berlitz has been educating the world for 140 years

Berlitz offers language lessons in more than 50 languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese,  Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic. When the Berlitz Method was introduced more than 140 years ago, it changed the way language was taught. Since then, millions of men and women the world over have learned to speak new languages through this conversational teaching style. Based on listening and speaking, it is the most natural way to learn a language. Today, the Berlitz Method is the standard by which language learning is measured.

What is the Berlitz Method?
When you study with Berlitz, you learn a new language the same way you learned your native language—naturally. Our highly effective, conversational style of instruction immerses you in your new language and makes learning fast and easy. Our instructors are native-fluent speakers who focus on the practical grammar and vocabulary you’ll use in real-life situations.

Why choose Berlitz?
Because it’s personalized language learning that works! We place the focus where it belongs – on you. Our highly trained, native-fluent instructors are dedicated to your success and will always consider your personal learning style, interests, and goals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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With its brand established through 140 years of experience across a global workforce, Berlitz has long led the language service market, offering a wide array of language courses. When it was introduced in 1878, the Berlitz Method changed the way language was taught, and it helped millions of men and women speak new languages and countless business professionals cross cultural boundaries to communicate more effectively with others. If your goal is to improve your language skills in an enjoyable and goal-oriented way, Berlitz is the perfect solution.

The Berlitz Method is a highly effective, conversational approach to learning. It brings life to learning a language, takes the “pain” out of learning, and makes it an enjoyable and gratifying experience.

Berlitz classes focus on helping students to acquire active listening and speaking skills in a foreign language. Through interactive practice, role plays and realistic simulations, Berlitz instructors emphasize practical vocabulary and grammar in the context of real-life situations and facilitate the development of your intellectual and physical memories that are critical to acquiring oral skills.

We hope to make your learning with Berlitz as enjoyable and fulfilling as much as possible. We encourage you to contact your nearest Berlitz Language Centre to arrange for a free consultation appointment and learn more about our programs and services. Our friendly advisor will assist you in designing a personalized study plan to match your unique needs and to achieve your learning objectives. If need to, we will arrange a free language level assessment for you based upon instructor and schedule availability.

To complete one Berlitz level, students on average take 50 units with 40 minutes of instruction-time.

If you take the most intensive form of individual training, Berlitz Total Immersion, you can complete one Berlitz level in 5 days. If you take one-on-one private lessons or small group lessons, you will spend 1 to 3 months to complete a course.

To maximize learning, students benefit from taking two to three consecutive course in 6 months.

We can deliver training in students’ offices or home, based on the requirements and the availability of our instructors. All of the on-site courses have a fixed schedule. Berlitz also offers a unique web-based language program that features interactive instructor-led live learning via the Internet.

Yes. The programme content is built for mobile and works seamlessly across all Apple and Android devices.

To enrich your learning experience with Berlitz, we believe that it is essential for you to work with multiple teachers to experience various speech patterns and accents.

Through exposure to a variety of teachers, you can acquire correct pronunciation, the latest idioms and expressions from different regions of the world, and can learn to understand diverse intonations and expressions, avoiding the typical syndrome of understanding only one teacher.

With over 550 locations in more than 70 countries worldwide, Berlitz can help you transfer unfinished courses abroad if you are immigrating or relocating to another country. As Berlitz transfers cash value not lessons, the lesson value may vary due to prices at destination Centres and exchange rate fluctuations.

Before you consider dropping out for any reason, please contact your local Berlitz office and speak with the Instructional Supervisor or your Berlitz representative for the Berlitz Refund and Cancellation Policy.

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