Learn English In Singapore

The English Language, the world’s first lingua franca, is widely used in many countries as a universal working language. If you are considering a career in administration, government or medicine, media or computing chances are, you will be required to be proficient in English. regardless of where you are in the world.

In today’s Information Age, the English language has become the leading language for world media – from print to broadcast to entertainment to education – and computing – two major industries that have been experiencing exponential growth in the past three decades.

Official Language in more than 70 countries

English is recognized as the official language in more than 70 countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and other commonwealth countries. Together, these English-speaking nations form a formidable driving force, accounting for about 40% of the world’s total GNP.

English in Singapore

In Singapore, English is one of the four official languages. One in five inhabitants in Singapore is born outside the country – therefore, English is commonly used as the defacto working language at the workplace or place of business, in transactions and as the mainstream medium of instruction in schools and educational institutions. The widespread use of English makes learning English in Singapore easy as there will be many opportunities for you in your daily life to use and practice your English.

English Language Schools in Singapore

Singapore has a well-established reputation for excellent private educational institutions operating in Singapore, including language schools that undergo stringent prerequisites to ensure high standards of service are maintained at all times. As such, you will find that there are many competent English language courses and schools offered in Singapore where you can not only learn but gain proficiency in English.

English Language Course in Singapore

With so many English language schools in Singapore, how can you best choose an English language course that will be suitable for you?

First, determine what your English language learning needs are.

As basic English is spoken by more than a billion people, not everyone’s learning needs will be the same. A “standardized” English course has a higher chance of ending up either too basic or too advanced for you.

The solution is simple.

Customized learning needs

The most suitable English language courses would be those that are flexible and can be customized to your specific learning needs. At Berlitz, we offer every customer a thorough needs analysis to best understand the current level and the language goals our students have. We investigate how the customer will use their new language skills to best identify the most suitable language course to help you reach your personal goals.

Through the Berlitz Method®, we will provide the most efficient learn path so you can start using your newly acquired language ability as soon as possible. Our unique Learning Cycle ensures your lessons are meeting your current needs and working on building a strong foundation of language capability to communicate with confidence.

A global education company since 1878, we have been customizing language training programs to fit the needs of our customers, offering, for example, personalized, one-on-one private instruction or full-day total immersion instruction programs.

As languages are highly application-based, our unique English language training method, BerlitzEnglish, provides language training for the real world by using up-to-date, real-life scenarios. This way, you gain mastery to communicate in almost any situation you can think of – from the workplace to your personal life.

Berlitz also has a specialized language programme for children and teens. Based on our Berlitz Method®, our innovative Mimi and Me and English BeatTM emphasizes speaking and practical language capability for younger learners.

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