Cyber Teachers Blended

The best of online learning and live lessons.

What is Cyber Teachers Blended?

Combining online materials for convenient self-study, plus the perfect opportunity for private lessons with a native speaker over the phone or VOIP. Being able to practice your speaking skills in real situations is the most important aspect of successful language learning.

CyberTeachers Blended learning allows for continuous travel, your busy schedule and for you to benefit from personalised and efficient language training. Berlitz blended learning options are unique in that the trainer-led activities and self-study programs focus on mutual integration, strengthening language skills such as vocabulary expansion, pronunciation and writing.

The CyberTeachers Blended learning solution gives you the ultimate in flexible learning

Key Features:

  • Choose your own live lesson schedule online, from anywhere in the world

  • Over 800 native-speaking language teachers available for online live lessons

  • Short 30-minute lessons available 24/7 for quick and convenient intensive practice

  • Interface through a virtual blackboard so teachers and students can share documents, pictures and messages

  • After each class, the teacher will send you a report summary of what you discussed, including feedback on errors and how to improve before the next lesson.

  • Teachers can call you at the scheduled time if you are not online, no matter where in the world you are – so you never miss a lesson.

  • Special requests – send your own documents to the teacher to help you prepare for a specific task such as a meeting, presentation, lecture, business reports, etc.

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