Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC)

Live Training Delivered Directly To You

What is the Berlitz Virtual Classroom?

Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC) lets you interact in real time with a native-fluent instructor through voice communication and visuals over the Internet. Identical in content as regular Berlitz language lessons, the BVC is our most flexible language training program, and is custom designed to meet each individual’s schedule and unique set of objectives.

Private instruction provides personalised, one-on-one language learning that can be customised to cover specialised topics or skills that are related to your needs, whether it be for your job, to advance your career prospects, or personal interests.

Like all Berlitz language lessons, BVC lessons are conducted entirely in the target language by native-speaking instructors. Once registered, students simply log-on to the BVC website for scheduled lessons and converse with our instructors in real time. Students and instructors interact as if the lessons were held at any of our 550 training centres worldwide – except you’re online. Course materials are reviewed together with shared screens to ensure that lessons are always stimulating and up-to-date.

BVC is perfect for:

  • People who prefer learning from their own home or office

  • People who prefer the privacy of an online environment for learning instead of sitting in a classroom

  • Those with a busy schedule that makes a fixed lesson schedule inconvenient

  • Anyone who wants to save travel time to study

  • Learn quickly and effectively

  • Form your own BVC private group with friends, family or colleagues

BVC Corporate Solutions

The BVC is a highly valuable business partner to those who recognise the benefits of language training in a global business community without borders. We’ll help you succeed in your local and international business initiatives by providing customised training from any location in your office, home, or while you’re on the road.

The latest technology coupled with the world-renowned Berlitz method can help to train your employees to improve their language and communication skills in a cost-effective and measurable way. Many organisations use the BVC to train their staff, from busy executives to remote workers and the frequent traveller. This allows them to cultivate worldwide teambuilding while maintaining consistent standards of language learning across your organisation.

Berlitz provides extensive language training to many of the world’s Fortune 500 companies. At Berlitz, we understand corporate language training requirements and have the global network to support your employee training programs anywhere in the world.

How do I start?

Simply contact us to

Simply contact us to discuss your language needs. We will help you create a tailored course program that works for you.

We provide you with

We provide you with a dedicated account page, easy installation procedures and instructions for connecting to a class

All new students are

All new students are given a free pre-course live orientation session to practice how to use the system, recording and playing back live lessons, so you can gain the most from your learning before your first lessons.

Students simply log on to the BVC website with a private user name and password for scheduled lessons.

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