Berlitz Phonics (Suitable for 4 - 7 Years Old)

Phonics Jump
The Berlitz Phonics Jump program is an innovative program integrating Berlitz Methods and multi-sensory synthetic phonics method that motivate children to read and write with confidence from an early age. Students will learn to understand the rules of various sounds of consonants and vowels and slowly developing the correct pronunciation and reading skills. As the students develop their ability to read, they will also learn to develop their writing skills in English.

  • Incorporating the Berlitz Methods (Presentation-Practice-Performance), this effective method helps to build the child’s confidence and enhance his or her interest in learning, creativity and knowledge.
  • Key focus on developing Reading and Writing skills using word recognition, letter formation, blending, segmenting and tricky words.
  • Accommodating various learning styles using multi-sensory materials and a variety of classroom activities.
  • Classroom activities are lively and interactive with fun actions, stories, songs and role-playing.
  • Classes are deliver in small group to ensure every child has more one-on-one engagement time with their teacher.
  • Taught by professional trained teachers

Program Details

Recommended Age:
※ 4 – 7

※ 12 weeks (80-minute per session per week)

Class Size:
※ The course is delivered in small group (3-6 pax) to provide the advantage of a shared learning experience with other students at a similar skill level.

※ Option for private class 1-on-1 arrangement. Speak with our Program Advisors to find out more. 

※ Berlitz Learning Centre (Orchard Road)

“After the 1st lesson at Berlitz, my child is able to read and spell a range of high frequency words” 

Parent of Mabel Tan (5 years old)

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