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Language + Culture = Global Success

Whether your company is looking to expand business through mergers and acquisitions, succeed in new market abroad, or improve communication within a global workforce, Berlitz Corporate Language and Cultural Consulting partners with your organization to achieve performance objectives and a return on investment.

Berlitz Corporate Language and Cultural Consulting has over 140 years of experience in training the world’s leading organizations to develop global competence in a complex and competitive environment. We know that employees want training to fit their schedules. Organizations want training to fit their budget. With Berlitz, you can have both.

Berlitz delivers an expansive portfolio of programs designed to help develop a global workforce and leadership

  • Corporate Language Training for all levels available face-to-face or instructor-led online
  • Business Communication Skills to equip non-native English speakers to become effective leaders in the global business arena
  • Language Assessment & Testing in all languages, delivered in any time zone
  • Translation, Localization and Interpretation in all languages with accurate and reliable results
  • Cultural Coaching to identify behavioral styles that will increase an executive’s ability to effectively lead, manage, and communicate
  • International Assignment Programs support a successful transition for assignees and their families
  • Repatriation to leverage global knowledge and skills when transitioning back to the home office


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Relocation Training

Due to the international nature of their business, more and more companies are sending employees abroad. Whether it’s “just” a business trip lasting a few months or a placement lasting a number of years, if you plan to be abroad for an extended period, you need to prepare well. Because statistically speaking, almost one in two employees brings their placement abroad to a premature end despite being well-qualified for the job itself.

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Cultural Navigator

The Cultural Navigator® is the centerpiece of our online intercultural services. This innovative online platform has been developed for anyone who comes into contact with people from different cultures in the course of their work, be it external business partners all over the world, coworkers at the company’s sites abroad, or direct team members.

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Global Leadership Training (GLT)

Management and leadership skills are the all-important bedrock of career success. The art of motivating yourself and others to deliver top performance, using people’s talents correctly, having an eye for the big picture, and turning a vision into reality – all these are skills that can be learned.

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Berlitz Shorties

Short and sweet! Berlitz Shorties are compact, cost-effective and to the point. Ideal for anyone who wants to get maximum results with minimal effort. Practical input and stimulating exercises inspire participants with new ideas and ensure long-term learning success, all in just four training hours. And for that extra boost to language skills, all in-house Shorties can also be booked in English!

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